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Full past and renewal lease agreement available by request

Jim, Marla, & Michael Johnson wish to thank the community for all your continued support

With you support and our fundraising efforts, we were able to bring Dolby Digital Cinema to the Cresco Theatre Along with the "New Yellow Brick Road" sidewalk.

We would also like to give a special thank you to the 16 volunteers who labored in removing approximately 500 seats from the Hancher Auditorium in order to replace the 36-year-old broken seats:

Casey & Kirk Ollendieck, Mike Tupy, Alexis, Kent & Rita Pitzen, Dennis Wilson, Rex Larson, Ron Hyberger, Mike Duryee, David Barenz, Ross Merritt, & Ryan Smith

We would like to thank our local businesses and numerous individuals for improving our local theatre both financially and with volunteers help. Also a huge thank you to our past partners, Lavern and Joan Buttjer and Mike and Tina Tupy, as well as our employees over the past 25+ years 

Last but not least THANK YOU to the past Theatre Commission members for their dedication and support.

Jim, Marla & Michael Johnson


Welcome to the Cresco Theatre LLC

The Cresco Theatre llc is CLOSED due to the lease agreement provide by the Cresco Theatre Commission.

In short: We own the business, the City of Cresco own the building. The building has fallen in need of much repair. After years of both many major and minor building repairs not being completed. We started to reach out the the public and bringing light to the issue. In return we were more than less "Strong armed out" of the business by The Theatre Commission / City of Cresco. Forcing The Cresco Theatre llc to Close.

I will be continuing to update the site with info and historic photos.

We will be launching a For Sale page with over 30+ years of Posters and 35 mm film memorabilia. In addition we will be offering other cinema service for personal and business. 

With my new found freedom of nights and weekends I will be traveling to single screen independent theatre venues in IA, MN & WI. Each visit will be showcased right here! If you know of venue please submit it to: & it will be added to the list.

The Metropolitan Opera House - Iowa Falls IA

Watts Theatre - Osage IA

The Jem - Harmony MN

Main Feature Theatre - Waukon IA

The Charles - Charles City IA

The Forest - Forest City IA

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